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Project risk management fundamentals

In this final chapter in our series on software project management, we have some advice on risk management. As a project manager of an IT project, you can avoid many risks by careful planning and good communication. 

Sieuwert van Otterloo

Tips and tricks for creating a software project schedule

Every project plan should contain an overall project schedule. Stakeholders want to know when results are delivered, and people involved want to know when their activities are planned. There are some standard techniques for creating schedules. In this article we give practical advice for making a workable plan for any software project.

Sieuwert van Otterloo

Four methods for software effort estimation

Understanding the size and effort of a software project early on is a difficult problem. Several different methods exist, but no method is perfect. In this article we present an overview of the four methods most mentioned in literature: 1) expert opinion-based, 2) top-down estimation, 3) bottom-up estimation and 4) estimation using a parametric or algorithmic model.

Joost Schalken-Pinkster

Why having a vision is key in software project management

From March to May 2016, we are teaching the course Software Project Management at the Free University of Amsterdam. In eight weeks, students learn the fundamentals of project management and are creating their own project plan for a software project of their choice. In the course we devote the first week on the project vision….

Sieuwert van Otterloo