ISO 27001 and NEN7510 support

Many organizations choose to use the ISO 27001 standard to demonstrate information security. ICT Institute offers support with the implementation.

Our approach

We help organizations prepare for ISO 27001 certification by:

  • Making templates and examples available for all documentation
  • Explaining the requirements and how to fill them in in different workshops
  • Checking the completion of documentation
  • Planning and supporting the rollout in practice

Our approach is aimed at organizations that mainly want to acquire knowledge but want to keep control. We share knowledge but ensure that internal people make the decisions and can do it themselves afterwards.

Setting up an ISMS has a lead time of 3-6 months. There are usually 5-8 workshops, which are scheduled two weeks apart. In the workshop we explain what needs to be done. In between the workshops, the information security team gets to work.


ISO 27001 is a common standard for all types of organizations and is the best choice for most organizations. NEN7510 is the Dutch version of this for the healthcare sector.  It is an extension with a few extra control measures. (article in Dutch) Healthcare organizations are required by Dutch law to meet this standard.


We make a proposal for each project, in which we calculate a fixed price for the required effort. The price depends on the size of the organization. For organizations that do not want or cannot afford paid support, we offer free articles and templates, such as for a register of processing activities, knowledge about healthcare standards such as NT7516, explanation ISO 27001 and how to apply for certification (Dutch).

Source: IKEA manual. We help organisations create their own ISMS.