Computers and Society Research Journal

The journal “Computers and Society Research Journal” is a double-free open access journal. We publish research results in the field of Computers and Society, including results on AI and Ethics, IT project management and social aspects of software engineering, using AI on real world applications, GDPR, and IT and law.

Aims and Scope

Computers and Society Research Journal is aims to proved a free and open source platform for publishing inter-disciplinary research on all aspects of the interaction between IT and society, including but not limited to AI and Ethics, IT project management, using AI on real world data, research into GDPR compliance, and IT and law.

Open access, no author fees

We believe that research should not be kept behind paywalls and that scientists and authors, in particular students, early-career researchers, should not be charged for publishing their work. It is therefore free to publish with us and all our articles are open access. We also support open data policies, where researchers include their data and tools in their submission and transparent reviewing where (anonymised) reviews are published alongside articles. We are a non-profit journal, therefore we have the freedom to publish only high-quality research.

Publish with us

The journal is published online on a rolling basis.

If you would like to submit an article to, please get in touch via our contact form.

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