Condensed course AVG / GDPR

ICT Institute provides a workshop on privacy and the AVG / GDPR rules.  In 1 day you will learn what the rules are and how you can apply them to make a medium-sized company compliant. The training takes place in Utrecht, and can be taught in either Dutch or English.

For whom

The training is suitable for anyone who wants to delve into the GDPR. It is not necessary to have pre-existing knowledge about privacy. The course is intended for people who may run into matters of GDPR in their day to day activities. The course can, for example, help you to become a privacy officer or Data Protection Officer.


For this course we follow the official step-by-step plan of the Authority Personal data itself (see this article for a detailed description). These steps are:

  1. Awareness: what are personal data and what rules apply to them
  2. Rights of data subjects: What rights do people have and how do you organize this
  3. Making a register of processing activities
  4. Performing a Data Protection Impact Assessment
  5. Applying privacy by design and privacy by default
  6. The requirements and duties of the Data Protection Officer
  7. Reporting duty personal data breaches
  8. Creating processor agreements
  9. The role of the supervisory authority
  10. Requesting consent in practice

At the end there is time for questions and answers about the practical application. In the course you go to actually work with every step.

Place and time

The course is given in our office in Utrecht (Europalaan 400). This office has sufficient parking spaces and can also be reached by public transport from Utrecht Central Station. We advise everyone to be present at 9.30 (we have coffee), so that we can start exactly at 10.00.
The course lasts until 16.00. Preparation is possible but not mandatory. You will receive material that you can read through beforehand. Afterwards you will receive all the material used so that you can read and find everything later. For information on date, please take a look at our training calendar.

Costs and signing up

The costs of the training are 800 euro ex VAT. This includes material, coffee / tea and lunch and a certificate (‘Training AVG/GDPR’ issued by ICT Institute). There are a few places available for a reduced rate (existing business relations, not-for-profit and start-ups) of 400 euros ex VAT.  The training can also be given in-house from 4 participants and more. You can request information or sign up using the form on our contact page. The full overview of training dates is in our training calender.


Is this an officially certified course? This course is just as officially certified as all other courses. There are currently no officially approved courses. Our course is shorter (1 day instead of several days) than other courses. This is possible because we handle just the basis in the course. At the end we give tips where you can find more information to deepen your knowledge if necessary.

What kind of people / companies participate in the course? ICT Institute works a lot for innovative companies, small and large. An overview of companies for which we have reviewed the security policy can be found here. Many of these companies have talented employees who want to continue developing and want to learn more about the GDPR themselves. We have developed this course for them.

Can I become a DPO with this course? Yes. For smaller companies without sensitive personal data, the privacy knowledge of this course is sufficient to fulfill the role (please note: you also need company knowledge). It is also important for every DPO that you continue to learn continuously. This can be done, for example, by joining a Special Interest Group, following the instructions of the Personal Data Authority and connecting you to groups such as the NGFG. For more explanation about the DPO role, see this article (Dutch).

Does every company need a Data Protection Officer? No, the appointment of a DPO is not mandatory for everyone. It is mandatory for almost every company to do something about privacy. For many smaller companies it is good to introduce the informal role of privacy officer. With this course you can fulfill that role well.

What other kind of information does ICT Institute have?
We have a Special Interest Group Information Security NL for everyone who wants to stay up to date. We also issue free templates, starting with the processing agreement. We also offer certification for information security and help companies with implementation of the ISO 27001 standard.

Source photo: Charles Deluvio via Unsplash