ICT Institute training

ICT Institute provides trainings and workshops on many modern and innovative aspects of IT, both from a business, technical and legal perspective. We usually use a team of teachers for this purpose, which can illuminate a subject from multiple perspectives.

Training agenda 2021

Examples of courses and training we provide are:

Activity Date
GDPR & privacy cursus 2022
ISO27001 for start-ups Oct 29 2021
ISO27001 Lead Auditor training October 12-15 2021
Data Science course on request
Agile using Scrum course on request

Should you be interested in a course that is not on our website, we are more than pleased to discuss this.

Time and costs

The time and cost of a training depend on the scope of the topics to be discussed, the amount of time that participants want to spend on it independently, and the requested support afterwards. It is our intention to make knowledge as accessible as possible, so we also provide free training sessions incidentally. In other cases, we work with fair fixed daily rates that cover our costs.

More information

For people that are already trained but need to learn about new developments, we have a free special interest Linkedin group. We also offer free resources for self study, such as our articles on ISO 27002, our article series on GDPR and articles on agile.