Expertise Privacy

Privacy seems to become more and more relevant. Ill-willing individuals and companies want to get as much personal information as possible in order to earn money in all sorts of ways. ICT Institute is there to help you.

Why Privacy

Now that the new European privacy legislation GDPR has entered into force on 25 May 2018, no one can ignore it anymore. Privacy is important. Companies often badly handle (purposefully) personal data, which can now be punished with a hefty fine. However, punishing companies is not the GDPR’s main goal. The GDPR helps ensure privacy for individuals, and attempts to simplify data protection legislation for organizations. Since the European Union can not be everywhere at the same time, each Member State is obliged to appoint a national and / or regional supervisor. The vision of the Dutch privacy regulator can be read in our (Dutch) interview with the chairman of the Dutch Data Protection authority, Aleid Wolfsen.

At ICT Institute we help companies understand what the GDPR means to them, which measures they should take, and how they should deal with the new requirements that are set. If you have questions about the privacy legislation in your company, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form at the bottom of this page. Furthermore, we organize a GDPR basic course once in a while, and we regularly write articles about the GDPR and data protection on our blog.

One of the questions we often encounter is “What is a DPO and do I need one?”. For this reason we have written an article that deals with these and many other questions about DPO’s.

In addition, we have started a series of articles, in which we release (Dutch) templates:

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