Working at ICT Institute

ICT Institute is looking for and consultants, researchers and privacy experts  to strengthen our core team. We have several open positions at multiple levels for people with the right analytical and communication skills and a passion for IT.

Many of our clients speak and read Dutch, so we’re looking for colleagues who speak, write and read Dutch as well as English. Please have a look at our Dutch website for more details on the following vacancies:

  • IT researcher
  • Software developer
  • Consultant

See this page in Dutch for detailed vacancies

Who are we?

ICT Institute is a consultancy firm for objective and independent IT advice. Our goal is to ensure that IT is used in the right way, where we focus on Security and Privacy. ICT Institute currently consists of about 7 people. We have a small permanent core team of which at least 1 or 2 people are always involved in an assignment, and an extended team of experts who work for ICT Institute part-time. An overview of the current team can be found here.

The ICT Institute way of working

Most people at ICT Institute have the role of “consultant / expert”. In this versatile position you provide insights to our customers through research and consultancy: you visit clients for interviews, review documents and deliver results in the form of presentations and reports. In a typical week you work on two part-time projects, with 2 or 3 experts involved in each project. In this way there is a lot of interaction and collaboration between the different consultants / experts.

In addition to advice, you can contribute to the research and development of new products. Depending on your background and ambitions this can mean: scientific research, programming our own tools and scripts, reading trends and writing on our blog, or improving our templates, checklists and other material. We expect everyone to contribute to the continuous improvement of our services and increase their personal knowledge. There is a lot of room for initiative: each person can select the themes he or she works on, based on personal interests and value for the company in the long term.

Whom we are looking for

To match ICT Institute, we ask our fellow workers to can and have the following:

Analytical skills. We need people who can solve problems in a clear, structured way. Many people we hire are good at mathematics or exact sciences, but if you have a legal background you can also apply.

A passion for software. Having experience with programming in the research / academic world or as an IT professional is crucial. Most assignments are quite technical, so a good understanding of code and programming is a must.

The ability to explain technical problems to a non-technical audience, taking into account the user’s perspective and broader issues such as economic value, privacy, security and reputation.

Strong communication and presentation skills in order to inform and advise our customers about proposals and projects. Assignments are only successful if the customer is happy with the result and understands the outcome.

An entrepreneurial mindset. We try to have practical results, with direct communication, short feedback loops and a focus on people instead of methods and processes.

The ability to speak, read and write Dutch and English. Not all of our customers are Dutch-speaking and / or based in the Netherlands, so it is important to be able to work in both languages fluently.

Positions and criteria

In our recruitment process, we first determine whether we want to hire a person based on the abovementioned skills, and then we try to find the right role description and function. We have positions for all levels of experience. To provide some structure, we have defined the following levels:

  • Trainee: graduated Master of Science with 0-2 years of experience. In this role you will get a personal learning path for fast professional development.
  • Junior consultant: graduated Master of Science with 0-2 years of experience.
  • Medior consultant: graduated Master of Science with 2-5 years experience or PhD graduate with 0-2 years of work experience.
  • Senior consultant / project manager: graduated Master of Science with more than 5 years experience or PhD. graduated with 2+ years of work experience.

What we offer

With the many job opportunities that currently exist in IT, you naturally ask yourself “Why should I choose ICT Institute?”. Good question! We have already listed the main reasons:

  • ICT Institute is a great place to work; We are a company with the passion and enthusiasm of a start-up, and the financial health of a large traditional company. Everyone in our company works on the things they care about, gets the freedom and the means to do their job as well as possible and is supported by all other people in the company. Having knowledge is one thing, but working with passion and sharing knowledge is even more important to us.
  • We offer a good salary; Due to our simple and transparent business model, which covers all actual costs, we are able to pay the usual salaries for all functions. In addition, there are some nice benefits (phone costs covered, your favorite laptop, possibility to visit workshops and conferences, etc.).
  • Employees have the opportunity to be a partner and business owner; ICT Institute has a share certification plan with which we can offer our employees economic share ownership. For us, this is more than just a financial plan: we want everyone to feel co-owner of our company.
  • Social impact: We try to improve the world in many small steps, including making professional advice available to smaller companies, sharing knowledge and templates, contribute to education and donating part of our revenue to selected charities.

More information

If you are interested, but are not sure whether you want to apply, you can also contact Sieuwert van Otterloo or another team member for an introductory meeting. If you want more information first, check out our list of projects, our list of lectures and our blog. You can apply at any time by sending your CV (or a link to LinkedIn) and a short letter with a description of the type of job you are interested in. If you are invited for an interview: our dress code is business casual, tie is not mandatory.

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