Terms and conditions

ICT Institute uses the General Terms and Conditions of the Dutch NVBI (Nederlandse Vereniging van Beëdigd Informatica-deskundigen).

You can download the full terms and conditions here:

Summary general terms and conditions

the terms address the following topics: (same ordering as the main document)

  1. General purchase conditions are not valid
  2. Prices and rates are excluding of VAT. Payment term 30 days
  3. We keep confidential information confidential
  4. Intellectual property remains with the maker, but the receiving client
    has the right to use documents as intended
  5. Every contractor must do an assignment independently, to the best of their knowledge abilities, and comply with the code of conduct of the NVBI
  6. If the assignment changes, costs and lead time also change
  7. Everyone may engage subcontractors at their own discretion, but will remain responsible
  8. There is liability for damage, but limited
  9. In case of force majeure, a reasonable solution will be agreed upon
  10. Agreements end when the effort obligation has been met
  11. Dutch law applies