List of projects

The consultants from ICT Institute do many different projects at a wide range of clients. This way we keep learning on all aspects of IT and can advise our clients in all the phases of IT development. Each project has been executed by a small team (typically 2-3 people) led by a principal consultant from ICT Institute.

Strategy projects

  • IT organisation review and strategy advice for a multinational food processing company
  • IT systems review and IT strategy plan for an international agrifood logistics company
  • Software first strategy development for a multinational medical equipment company
  • API strategy advice for a large international airport
  • API strategy advice and implementation support for a smart thermostat
  • Innovation and startup advice for an international bank
  • Energy and Internet of Things innovation support for an international energy company

Agile and scrum

  • Scrum implementation support at a healthcare process improvement company
  • Scrum implementation support for a ERP and logistics software company
  • Agile coaching at a finance system project for an international bank
  • Lean startup workshops for startups and company innovation teams
  • Agile project management for an internal project at a talent management software company
  • Agile project management for a development project for a Dutch not-for-profit

IT reviews

  • Project review on an ERP system replacement project for a manufacturing company
  • IT organisation review for international banking software company
  • IT contract review and advice for HR firm
  • IT contract and SLA review for a geolocation software company

IT Security

  • IT system security review for a Dutch financial institution
  • Security scan and improvement advice for a point of sales product company
  • Software review and improvement advice for a business modelling software company
  • Information security management system implementation at an education company

Software quality advice

  • Software review and rebuild advice for a vehicle valuation company
  • IT infrastructure review for legal services firm
  • Legacy software review and vendor selection advice for an HR software company.
  • Software architecture and quality improvement for a e-commerce product company
  • Non-functional requirements review and advice for government projects
  • System quality and maintainability reviews for entire system portfolio of transport company
  • Risk assessment on IT new systems of a financial institution

IT Due diligence projects

In these projects, we investigated the software assets and IT capability or a company on behalf of a potential investor.

  • Software DD on phone credit / gift card sales company
  • Software DD on an energy technology company
  • Software DD diligence on an invoice based finance platform company
  • Software DD on a commercial property information company
  • Software DD on a talent development platform company
  • Software DD on a valuation service for residential real estate
  • Software DD on a middleware as a service company
  • Software DD on a niche ERP for the travel sector
  • Software DD on a financial sector software company

IT expert opinions in a legal context

Sieuwert van Otterloo, one of the founding partners of ICT Institute is a certified expert and acts as an official expert for IT questions in IT cases. He is a full member of professional association NVBI and registered as an expert at LRGD and SGOA. Below are example projects where we helped resolve IT conflicts by providing expert opinions on IT questions in the form of a ‘Deskundigenbericht’.

  • Software copyright and software valuation case for a retail platform
  • Suitability of a reference IT project is an IT vendor selection process
  • Performance and effectiveness of SPAM filtering software
  • Software authorship and copyright case
  • Copyright and reuse of software design ideas and documents
  • Potential copyright infringement for a online gaming platform