Publications and Presentations

The people from ICT Institute are active as authors and speakers in many IT-related areas. This page provides an overview of recent contributions.

Book publications

Article publications


For older lectures, see this lectures and talks 2018 page and the oldest lectures 2016 page. For more information about all the experience and expertise we have at ICT Institute, see the list of completed projects and team.

Other media

  • Tom Hastjarjanto is a contributor to the following open source project on github: Eslint plugin for react native
  • Wiebe Tijsma is one of the developers maintaining easynetq, an easy to use .NET API for RabbitMQ,  It is available at https://github.com/easynetq
  • Sieuwert van Otterloo has also started uploading photos to Unsplash. Unsplash is one of our sources for freely usable photos (along with wikimedia, pexels and google search for creative commons photos).

Img src: robinson-recalde via Unsplash