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Joost Krapels
Author: Joost Krapels
Joost Krapels has completed his BSc. Lifestyle Informatics (Artificial Intelligence) and MSc. Informations Sciences at the VU Amsterdam. During his Master study he evaluated several compliance tools for GDPR compliance and interviewed many business owners about the impact of the GDPR. Within ICT Institute, Joost Krapels helps develop the Security Verified standard, improves our GDPR tools and templates and provides IT advice to clients.

GDPR Data Protection Impact Assessment – free template

Under the new General Data Protection Regulation, it is mandatory to perform a DPIA in certain circumstances. This is an assessment in which you determine the impact of a personal data processing activity before commencing with it. We have created a DPIA template to aid in this compulsory review, which includes all mandatory elements and…

Joost Krapels

GDPR register of processing actitvities – free template

Under the new privacy rules (English: GDPR, Dutch: AVG) it is compulsory for most organizations to keep a register of processing activities. At ICT Institute we have created a template / example based on the guidelines of the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens. This template is available free of charge and can be downloaded here.

Joost Krapels

Facebook Personal Data Breach, the aftermath

On september 28 2018, Facebook published a statement saying a security breach had taken place earlier that week, having brought the personal data of 50 million users in jeopardy. The personal data breach has been reported to the Irish information supervisory authority, but does this mean the story is over?

Joost Krapels

Europe’s Data Protection Authorities

The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, called for national or regional Supervisory Authorities to be erected since the European Commission cannot keep an eye on all member states at the same time. The processing of personal data does not always stay within country borders anymore, meaning that multiple Supervisory Authorities can be involved, which…

Joost Krapels

ISO27002 and Statement of Applicability explained

The international information security standard ISO27001 is known by many. But what is the illusive ISO27002 that is often mentioned alongside it? ICT Institute has created a series of articles to explain the lesser known ISO27002 standard in more detail. You could use this overview to prepare yourself for ISO27001 certification or just to refresh…

Joost Krapels