Author Sieuwert van Otterloo

Author: Sieuwert van Otterloo
Dr. Sieuwert van Otterloo is a court-certified IT expert with interests in agile, security, software research and IT-contracts.

Compliance for AI in healthcare companies: your help needed!

Yasmine Yachou, an MSc student at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, is conducting research into the impact of data laws on healthcare startups and scale-ups. If you work at a AI and healthcare company, please help by participating in the survey for this research.

Sieuwert van Otterloo

CISA explanation and practice questions

CISA (certified information systems auditor) is a professional certificate for IT auditors. To become CISA you have to complete the exam and become ISACA member. To help you understand what CISA is about, we made a small test with exam level questions.

Sieuwert van Otterloo

GDPR template joint controllership agreement

When two companies process personal data together in an equal relationship, they must sign a join controllership agreement, We made a free template for such an agreement.

Sieuwert van Otterloo

ICT Institute is ISO 27001 certified

ICT Institute has a ISO 27001-certified information security management system. After helping many other companies, we decided that we should ‘eat our own advice”. We used our own templates and workshop material to create procedures for our own company. We have been certified in December 2021 and will be reaudited every year.

Sieuwert van Otterloo

Public perception on the responsibility for incidents involving autonomous vehicles

This paper has been published in the “Computer and Society Research Journal“, a free to publish, open access journal for socially relevant computer science research. PDF Download Download the full article for free Abstract We conducted a survey to investigate the public perception of the blame for incidents where autonomous vehicles (AVs) make poor decisions…

Sieuwert van Otterloo