Expertise Agile and scrum

We provide agile workshops (introduction and advanced), agile team coaching and also more advanced topics such as agile software quality or Lean Startup training. We also help companies with outsourced software development and with software project management.

Why Agile methods

Unfortunately, many IT projects cost more and take longer than planned. According to international Standish-group research, this applies to 60% of the projects, with a further 20% of the projects not being completed at all. The cause lies not in the technique but in the lack of communication: Users and developers do not understand each other enough, contracts and designs describe only part of the reality and in case of problems there is too little consultation. Within Agile organizations much more attention is paid to good, direct communication. It has since been proven that agile yields better results, particularly in environments with complex or changing requirements.


From ICT Institute we offer information, training and coaching for the most commonly used Agile methods. We always recommend people to first delve into the Scrum method. In a scrum training or management workshop we explain what Agile and scrum is and let people experience how it works in on a small scale. We also explain all roles, rules and meetings of scrum, including the terms scrum master, product owner, backlog, poker planning and velocity, and answer all questions. In addition to training, we supervise teams in the first weeks or months. For example, we help the product owner with creating the backlog, guiding retrospectives or sprint reviews and answer questions.

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) method is an extension of scrum that is made for larger programs and, in particular, large corporates. The method was developed by Dean Leffingwell (in collaboration with others). The good thing about the method is that it is public: everyone can use the method and share his experiences.

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is not a good method for every organization. Some organizations achieve better results by using ‘just’ scrum without all the extra roles of SAFe. Other organizations (eg multinationals) have noticed that the extra structures of SAFe are necessary for the coordination.

Lean startup

Lean startup is a method for product development and innovation. The method is suitable for every team that wants to develop a new business model. The method encompasses the entire innovation process: from talking to customers to discovering their wishes, formulating a value proposition to the making of prototypes. The method is widely used by startups that can test more quickly whether their business idea is viable, but also increasingly by existing companies.

Workshops, training en advies

For all methods, we give individual trainings and workshops to teams that want to get to know the method. In addition, we also give advice to companies that consider introducing the method. Depending on the situation, we can start small with, for example, 1 workshop or direct research and advice giving leading to an advice or plan for introduction. An interesting way to get started is to read our article on Agile effort estimation.