ISO27001 for start-ups (free) – Sept 10 and Oct 29

If there is a discussion about ISO 27001 in your organization, or if you think you might come across the ISO 27001 process in the future, then it is a good idea to take this free course. In just two hours you will get an overview of ISO 27001 .

This training is made for start-ups: it is a short training of 2 hours and all the main topics of ISO 27001 are covered. If investors want you to be demonstrably compliant with information security, it’s a good idea to take this course. This gives you knowledge about an ISMS (ISO / IEC 27001, Information Security Management Systems) in a short time and what is needed to comply with it. The final training dates for 2021 are September 10 and October 29.  The training is free for startup founders.

Learning goals

  • Understanding the ISMS requirements
  • Understanding the risk management process for information security, management objectives, and controls

Course content

  • Background information security
  • Which documents do you need?
  • How do you develop your own information security policy?
  • How do you keep up with information security?
  • What are the certification options?

How to book?

You can register for this free workshop by subscribing on Eventbrite:

10th of September

29th of October


Image credit: @jimmyp9751 via Unsplash