IT contract reviews

A good IT contract before any collaboration can prevent many problems. At ICT Institute we can assist you by doing IT contract reviews, in which we review IT contracts on all important IT technical and content aspects.

fountain-pen-andy-hullinger-smallA good contract is no guarantee for a successful IT project, but it can make an important contribution: a complete and accurate contract in advance prevents annoying surprises and misunderstandings afterwards. An independent review from a general IT perspective can quickly discover problems in contracts. At ICT Institute, we have IT experts that advise more often on IT conflicts and difficult projects. Because of this, we know what can go wrong and how you can prevent this.

Content of a review

In an IT contract review we look at three aspects:

  • Completeness: Does the contract contain all important matters?
  • Concreteness: Have all agreements been clearly explained for the client in sufficient detail for later use?
  • Consistency: Are all agreements consistent with each other and with the kind of relationship that both parties would like to have with each other?

Which details we focus on will often depend on the type contract. With a development contract it will often be about scope, delivery dates and acceptance criteria. With a maintenance contract about service levels and agreed volumes, and with a cloud contract for example about costs per type of user, agreements about customization, integration, and security.

Per point we indicate whether there are any findings. If there are, one or more improvement proposals are made as well. The client chooses which improvement proposal fits best, after which the improvement will can be implemented. Often negotiations then become simpler, because it becomes clearer for both parties what is meant.

When to request a review

It is wise to do an IT contract review at the time a first contract proposal is written, which is discussed between the parties. In this way, recommendations resulting from the review can be included in the contract negotiations as quickly as possible.

In the case of legally simple agreements, just an IT-related review by ICT Institute suffices. In case of extensive contracts, it is advisable to have a lawyer look at legal aspects and ICT Institute mainly at completeness, concreteness and consistency in the technical field.

Time and costs

Most smaller contracts can be reviewed within 1 or 2 business days for a fixed amount of 600 euro. For larger contracts or contracts with many attachments, the costs depend on the size of the contract.

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