Independent IT advice

ICT Institute (ICTI BV) is an IT advisory firm with passion for privacy, security, code quality, IT Due Diligence and IT strategy advice. We have a team of experts that work together in small teams. To keep our knowledge up to date, we hire talented people, work together with freelancers, share knowledge in talks and lectures, have an English and Dutch blog and learn from our projects.


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Management advice

We help companies with IT-related questions, by conducting research, analysing data and providing management advice. The best approach for each project is depends on the client needs. For evert project we make a team with 2-3 people with the right skills and experience

IT security

Information security or IT security is becoming increasingly important. By training everyone involved (IT and non-IT) and giving more attention, a better level of security can easily be achieved.

Expert research

Through independent research we provide you with insights in the facts on software, for example in the area of ​​quality, maintainability or copyright.


Privacy seems to become more and more relevant. Ill-willing individuals and companies want to get as much personal information as possible in order to earn money in all sorts of ways. ICT Institute is there to help you.

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