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ICT Institute (ICTI BV) is an IT advisory firm with expertise in agile, security and software quality. We have a team of experts that work together in small teams. To keep our knowledge up to date, we are hiring talented people, work together with freelancers, share knowledge in talks and lectures, have an English and Dutch blog and learn from our projects.


News:We are offering many new security initiatives to help companies be ready for GDPR. We provide implementation support for ISO 27001, and have our own ‘alternative’ certification Security Verified. We also offer a free Information Security NL Special Interest Group. In March 2018 we offer our next ISO 27001 Lead Auditor training.


Information security

Proper information security is a must for any company that handles valuable or personal information. We help organisations improve their information security.

Agile and scrum

We provide agile workshops (introduction and advanced), agile team coaching and also more advanced topics such as agile software quality or Lean Startup training. See our list of projects or list of talks and lectures for more information. We also help companies with outsourced software development and with software project management.

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