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ISO27002:2022 explained – Technological controls

In this article, we explain the new ISO 27002:2022 chapter 8 – Technological controls. This covers the controls required to set up and maintain secure technological systems, particularly focusing on secure systems, development and code management. This is the last article in a series of four, each article covering one chapter: organization controls (chapter 5)…

Suzanne Atkins

Code analysis prevents hidden security risks

Ensuring security in software means starting at the source code: Developers must build security in from the start. Organisations too often focus on repairing damage post-breach and fixing bugs after launch. Greater attention to security in the earlier stages of software development is needed. It would greatly reduce the percentage of successful attacks, and minimize damage when malicious hackers do…

Stephen Morrow

Using Microsoft Visual Studio code metrics for better code quality

Writing code that is easy to understand and maintain is important. Using code measuring tools makes this a whole lot easier. Microsoft’s IDE Visual Studio contains useful code quality analysis tools that can be easily enabled. This guide tells you how to get started.

Joost Schalken-Pinkster

Code inflation – why expanding software is a problem

Code inflation is a major problem in software development: software in use tends to grow until it becomes unmaintainable. Read here how you can recognize and prevent software inflation.

Sieuwert van Otterloo

Secure transfer of source code

ICT Institute often receives source code and other files for analysis. If you are working with us and want to send us code, there are the guidelines.

Sieuwert van Otterloo