Team Floris van den Broek

Floris’ interest is in accelerating growth in IT business, currently at Redsocks Security as well as ICT Institute. Most recently he did this as co-owner and Statutory Director of Software Improvement Group (SIG), as COO of Effacts.com and as Vice President and general manager Telecom at Philips Electronics. Before that, he was Managing Director of Level 3 Communications BV, which he founded in the Netherlands. Earlier he managed a business of AT&T based in USA.
He earned a Ph.D. in Information Systems at Delft University and an MBA at University of California, Berkeley.
Floris was elected Telecom Manager of the Year of the Netherlands in 2004. Floris has been part of several technology initiatives in the Netherlands, including the board of the Glaslokaal Foundation, Commissie Andriessen and the High Tech Think-Tank Omega.

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