Team Wiebe Tijsma

Wiebe Tijsma studied Interaction Design at the Kunstacademie. His interest for IT has led him to becoming a lead architect that has a lot of experience with programming, specifically with .NET development. At ICT Institute he has been involved since 2016 in IT Due Diligence projects and advice on cloud architecture and software development. In addition to his work at ICT Institute, he is a software architect through his own company Net Industry, where he supports teams with software development, more specifically high performance web applications and API development. He is also author of the open source software EasynetQ, which is designed to make publishing and subscribing with RabbitMQ as easy as possible. Wiebe currently works as a team lead for RTL/Videoland where he deals with identity management solutions.


  • Code-reviews and IT Due Diligence
  • Architecture-reviews
  • Advice on Azure and .NET development



Wiebe Tijsma: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wtijsma