ISO 27001 Lead Auditor training November 20-23

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It is important and often mandatory for organisation with a security policy to provide the right training to all key roles involved in information security and privacy. One key role in security policies is internal auditor, and we recommend the ISO 27001 lead auditor course for anyone involved in the internal audit programme. This is an intensive in-depth course that includes an exam and an internationally recognized certificate from IRCA / CQI. Register here.

Required security training

With ICT Institute we have helped many organisations set up their security policies, and we help these companies stay compliant with their own roles by offering several training options. Our aim is to offer many different options, so that it fits each role and also each person. Currently we offer the following:

  • We offer many knowledge articles directly on our website. This includes basic knowledge (e.g. ISO 27001 summary) practical aspects (e.g. password policy) and also technical background (e.g. cryptographic controls policy).
  • When we help companies getting started with information security and setting up their ISMS, we cover basic security and privacy knowledge in a series of workshops.
  • There is a freely accessible Special Interest Group. Many standards (including ISO 27001 and Security Verified) require membership of special interest groups.
  • Together with an International partner, we offer the CQI / IRCA ISO 27001 lead auditor training. This is a multi-day training that is recommended for people taking a leading role in a security team. It is an in-depth training that includes an exam and internationally recognised certification.

The Lead Auditor training is currently the most in-depth training we offer, and if you pass this training you are demonstrably qualified to take a leading security and privacy role. If you are new to information security, the training provides a solid base. If you have been involved in information security for longer, this training will help you demonstrate your continuous development in this area.

Training content

This training takes fives days and covers the following topics.

  • Prework: a small webinar will be provided to make sure all participants come prepared to the training. The rework consists of understanding basic security concepts, familiarity with the ISO 27001 requirements for an information security management system.
  • Day 1: Understanding the structure of ISO 27001 and certification demands.
  • Day 2: Creating an audit team and plan
  • Day 3: Conducting audits and reporting results
  • Final day: Exam training and written exam. You will fill in the official IRCA CQI exam for the ISO 27001 lead auditor certificate.

Day 1-3 take place from November 20-23 and are led by our international expert Philip. The prep work is in the week before and each participant can plan this for themselves.

Total cost for the training are €2450 ex VAT. Registration will require a €250 deposit to secure your place in the training. The remainder will have to be paid 5 days before the start of the training. The price includes coffee and lunch on all course days.

Location: Our new office at Europalaan 12, Utrecht. Easily accessible by road and public transport. Free parking available.

More information and subscription

We offer online subscription via Eventbrite. Click on the image or on this link. At registration you pay the deposit (250 eur) and you will receive an invoice just before the event.

For more information on content, check this report of the previous lead auditor training. We also have this ISO 27001 auditor page with more background information on course audience.

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Floris van den Broek
Author: Floris van den Broek
Dr. Floris van den Broek received his PhD in Computer Science at TU Delft and his Masters of business Administration at  University of California, Berkeley. He is a a co-founder and director of ICT Institute with a focus on sales and business development. Next to his work at ICT Institute, Floris is on the board of various ICT companies and has been active in private equity. He is also a certified ISO 27001 lead auditor.