ICT Institute is able to provide many different services thanks to the different backgrounds of its employees. Examples of these services are:

Security Verified

Security Verified is a new standard for information security, which is simpler, more practical and transparent than existing standards such as ISO 27001, especially for organizations with fewer than 100 employees.
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Different Workshops & Trainings

ICT Institute provides trainings and workshops on many modern and innovative aspects of IT, both from a business, technical and legal perspective. We usually use a team of teachers for this purpose, which can illuminate a subject from multiple perspectives.
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Contract review

A good IT contract before any collaboration can prevent many problems. At ICT Institute we can assist you by doing IT contract reviews, in which we review IT contracts on all important IT technical and content aspects.
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IT research and consulting

In an IT research project, a number of research questions about an IT system are answered in an objective and thorough manner. This involves looking at the system itself (through testing, measurements and possibly also source code research) but also into the business context and the IT organization. In this way a complete picture is created that is shared with those involved and advice can also be given to management on which follow-up steps to take.
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Lectures and talks

The people behind Softwarezaken and ICT Institute are strongly in favor of sharing knowledge. We do this, for example, as a guest speaker at lectures, giving talks or interactive workshops. We always find it interesting to speak on such occasions. Not only do we find it important to make a contribution, we also learn a lot from this ourselves.
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IT Due Diligence

An IT Due Diligence (IT DD) survey is an investigation commissioned by an investor into the IT systems and organization of a target company (a company in which investments are made). These investigations must be carried out extra carefully because often large amounts of money is involved, and there are always two parties are (investor and target company). Time is also often of the essence. We have a fixed process to carry out a thorough IT DD investigation in a short time.
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Should you be interested in one of these services, or if you would like to receive another IT advisory service, please contact Sieuwert van Otterloo.