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For 2019 we have fixed the following dates:

ICT Institute Trainings all have a unique approach in that they are very pragmatic, focused, and to-the-point. The classes are small, with extremely well-qualified teachers. Our teachers are not just teachers, but have thorough practical experience, which makes the knowledge you gain extra valuable.

Often in real life, there is a difference between the ‘rules on paper’, for example the GDPR or the ISO 27001 requirements, and the reality. The reality is what our students face in real life and people tell us that we are their only course provider that focuses on real life.  Most of our teachers have a PhD in Computer Science, often supplemented with other degrees such as law or business.

In particular, our teachers take the effort to understand your situation and answer questions based on your organisation and environment. This saves you a lot of time and makes the courses so efficient, that time is left in the day program to advise on particular situations you may have.

For example, our students tell us that, with the ICT Institute course on GDPR, they were able to implement the regulation much more efficiently in their day to day work and leave out the measures that were not really needed in their industry.

A typical user review:
“Training takes place in a very informal setting, which I have experienced as very pleasant.The trainers who give the course are real professionals in their field and ensure that the knowledge they have is conveyed as well as possible. better training that I have followed, ideal for people who want to refresh their current knowledge or do not know anything about the subject, the trainers feel this and will adjust the pace of the course accordingly. “ (review of T-Mobile, Netherlands).

In cooperation with CIU (Creating Insights University) ICT Institute offers PE points (Permanente Educatie) for this course, depending on the types of qualifications and industry group you are a member of.


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Author: Floris van den Broek
Dr. Floris van den Broek received his PhD in Computer Science at TU Delft and his Masters of business Administration at  University of California, Berkeley. He is a a co-founder and director of ICT Institute with a focus on sales and business development. Next to his work at ICT Institute, Floris is on the board of various ICT companies and has been active in private equity. He is also a certified ISO 27001 lead auditor.